Lyrical MasterMinds #1 – J Cole

Despite all the recent dispute in the rap game on what is considered “real rap” and “mumble rap”, it all comes down to the message that the song is showcasing. Since J Cole has somehow found himself in between the drama, he definitely has the credentials to back himself up with. We’re going to be showing you some of the best (in our opinion) J Cole lyrics in some of his popular tracks.

“Intro (2014 Forest Hills Drive)”

“To look behind and say, “Look where I came/ Look how far I done came”/ They say that dreams come true/ And when they do, that there’s a beautiful thing”


“Love Yourz”

“Always gon’ be a whip that’s better than the one you got/Always gon’ be some clothes/That’s fresher than the ones you rock/Always gon’ be a bitch that’s badder out there on the tours/But you ain’t never gon’ be happy till you love yours”

“False Prophets”

“Maybe it’s my fault for idolizing niggas/Based off the words they be rapping/But come to find out, these niggas don’t even write they shit/Hear some new style bubblin’ up, then they bite this shit”


“Proceed with caution/I heard if you chase it only results in/A hole in your heart/Fuck it, I take the whole cake and I won’t leave a portion”



” I wish you good luck/I’m hoping for your sake that you ain’t dumb as you look/But if it’s really true what people sayin’/And you call yourself playin’ with my name/Then I really know you fucked, trust”


What do you think? Is J Cole one of the best lyricist? Let us know below.